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 ... Victims of alleged pervert doctor win a victory in compensation fight ... Wife locked in Britain's longest divorce begs judges to end "ghastly" war ... Albanian robber wins crucial High Court victory in fight to do time in Albania ... Anti-Trident protestors who chained themselves outside nuclear bomb factory now acquitted by High Court ... "clumsy" comment to secretary will cost BAE £360K ... Boy left disabled after "excessive force" used during forceps delivery due millions in compensation ... Earl's son in divorce battle over a few thousand pounds ... 9 police officers + 2 taser shots against 5'1" mental patient ... Girlfriend of financier loses out on £4M because friends suspected she was a gold digger ... "Spiteful" pensioner who prevented neighbour reaching gas meter facing financial meltdown ...                                                                                               
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We have archived for easy reference hundreds of reports which we have featured on the site over past weeks and months.

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Additional Archive Material
In addition to the archive material mentioned above, Strand News hold offline a further 40,000 archived court reports. If you wish to search these, please phone either 0207 353 1300 or email the editor at
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