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… Devout parents win £4.3million NHS compensation for disabled son "gift from God" … Bolt gun murder of "wonderful mother" cannot be blamed on Suffolk Police … Angry mother locked in courtroom "power struggle" with son for control of £10m family fortune …Hospital worker with blood phobia fails in £140k damages claim … Sales manager brain damaged when punched by boss after Xmas party wins fight for compensation … Jealous thug jailed for 31 yrs after murder of ex-girlfriend deserved everything he got … Woman left paralysed after falling from super-king sized bed now battling for compensation … City worker who suffered serious injuries after flying into a rage fails in bid for £1m compensation … Disabled children left brain damaged at birth have won more than £100m NHS compensation in just 24 hours … Ex-lover of woman paralysed after toppling off her bed initially thought the mishap was funny …                                                                                                                                                                           
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