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 ... drug-taking student who stabbed boyfriend loses appeal against sentence … A mother died after a "very large" piece of plastic was left inside her following heart op … Two millionaire couples locked in court fight over self-build "dream home" … Author says adult life overshadowed by sexual abuse at religious school now wants compensation … Millionaire Eurocrat now banned from divorcing in England … Benefits-claiming son battling his "golden child" brother over dead mother's fortune … 87-yr-old neighbour of Paul McCartney accused of fraud attempt to block plans for extension … "gullible" mother who accidentally signed over £600,000 house to son now fighting in court to get it back … Teacher who developed OCD after falling off a horse will keep most of her £350k damages … Three Jihadi supporters challenging convictions claiming "support of terrorist organisation is not criminal offence" …                                                                                                                                                     
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